BFC Capital deals in the field of Wealth Management, Investment Advisory and therefore quality of the company depends upon the quality of manpower working with it. The company, regularly and continuously strives to upgrade the skills and efficiency of its work force and to provide its employees a process driven atmosphere to perform. The HR Policies of the company are one of the best in the industry and known for its transparency.

Current Openings

√ Relationship Manager
√ Wealth Manager
√ Operations
√ Telecaller
√ Technical Officer
The company dedicates a large portion of its revenues on ongoing Employee Training Programs in order to upgrade their knowledge to meet the ever-evolving needs of its clients. New investment products, changing legislation worldwide and complex risk analysis tools are some of the variables that the company expects its employees to understand in order to fulfill the clients’ objectives of wealth preservation and wealth creation.

However, following are some of the basic reasons for joining BFC Capital:

1. Work Culture: Though the work in the company is demanding, yet the professional work culture of the company makes everyone involved and develops a sense of ownership.

2. Career Growth: The Performance Appraisal system of the company ensures that the performers are duly rewarded.  The quarterly appraisal system of the company provides instant rewards to the one who is performing and sets examples for the others.

3. Personal Growth: Since the company has its main focus on the quality of manpower working with it, regular training programs are being conducted by the company for develop and upgrade inter-personal skills of its employees.

4. Balance between Formal and Informal atmosphere: However there is a formal work culture in the company laying emphasis on productivity and code of conduct yet we strive to strike a balance by organizing various off-sites and other informal activities.

5. Job Security and Job Satisfaction: The Company has four tier machinery for rigorous scrutiny of the prospective employees. Once a person has been selected, he/she is treated like a member of the company and we try that he/she does not leaves the company. Even if the person leaves we ensure that it is only for the betterment of his/her career and not because of any grievance with the company. The company has its own Grievance Redressal System for its employees and any kind of grievance reported by any employee, directly goes to the Grievance Redressal Committee headed by CEO of the company.

6. Remuneration: BFC Capital is an equal opportunity employer. The compensation is one of the best in the industry. Apart from fixed compensation, the company also offers lucrative incentives and bonus.

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