Alok Dikshit

I attended a financial awareness session of BFC Capital and it was an eye opener for
me.That day they really got me thinking,my retirement was down the line in couple of
years and i didn’t have any concrete planning for the major outflow of funds in my
daughter’s marriage.I have no words to say about my financial planner (Mr.Tushar Anand),
who is doing an excellent job. Tushar really did well firstly in identifying my two major
financial goal’s which were my daughter’s marriage expense and my retirement
planning,secondly by presenting financial plan a proper road map to accomplish my
goal.The most important thing which makes BFC Capital different from other’s is their
unbiased advice towards any product and keeping the interest of their client’s first.I was
very impressed with the personalized professional service and advice given, and how they
have tailored this specifically to suit my situation and future needs.Today i am really
content about my future needs and have earned the most expensive thing of this world
which is “Peace of Mind”.Once again i thanks to Tushar and BFC Capital for all they did for

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