BFC Capital


Bharti Financial Consultants and Investment Advisors

BFC Capital was established in 2004 as a general financial product distribution house.
In 2009, when the whole Wealth management industry was trying to survive to get out of menace of 2008 sub-prime crisis, SEBI came up with a historic decision of abolishing entry load in Mutual funds, thereby curbing commission based sales practices in the market

The message was very clear from the Regulator that it intends to rationalize whole wealth management industry from commission based industry to Advisory based industry.
The Company started working on advisory model in 2010, almost 3 years before when SEBI realised the need of advisory model in investment industry and came up with new set of regulation called SEBI (Investment Advisor Regulation, 2013).
Contemplating the motive behind theses regulations, we registered ourselves as RIA in the name of BFCIA.

The Advisory process is handled by our team in BFCIA and we provide an unbiased advice to our members who decided to pay our advisory fee.
The Execution of recommended products is prerogative of our members and they have an option. to execute the transaction with any intermediary they deem fit thereby avoiding any conflict of interest due to inherent commission/brokerage.


We provide comprehensive Financial Planning through BFCIA through our wealth management matrix called Prodigy which has a unique 5 step process of doing financial planning.

In BFCIA we work on Advisory model which we call “Membership model” and we charge a nominal annual fee from our members who are interested in doing comprehensive financial planning rather than making investments in bits and pieces.