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We deals in the field of Wealth Management, Investment Advisory and therefore quality of the company depends upon the quality of manpower working with it. The company, regularly and continuously strives to upgrade the skills and efficiency of its work force and provides its employees a process driven atmosphere to perform. The HR Policies of the company are one of the best in the industry and are known for its transparency

Work Culture

Though the work in the company is demanding, yet the professional work culture of the company makes everyone involved and develops a sense of ownership.

Career Growth

The Performance Appraisal system of the company ensures that the performers are duly rewarded. The appraisal system of the company provides instant rewards to the one who is performing and sets examples for others.

Personal Growth

Since the company has its main focus on the quality of manpower working with it, regular training programs are being conducted by the company to develop and upgrade inter-personal skills of its employees.


BFC Capital is an equal opportunity employer. The compensation is one of the best in the industry. Apart from fixed compensation, the company also offers lucrative incentives and bonuses.



Job Security And Job Satisfaction

The average attrition ratio of the company is 4.5 years which defines that the Company is not at all into theory of “Survival of the fittest”. Usually people, who are searching for stability in their career and life, join us. Grievance redressal system of the company is effective and directly headed by CEO of the company.



Balance Between Formal And Informal Atmosphere

However there is a formal work culture in the company laying emphasis on productivity and code of conduct yet we strive to strike a balance by organizing various off-sites and other informal activities.

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