Comprehensive Financial Planning

Comprehensive financial planning consists review of existing investments and preparation of financial plan for the future as well, which in turn consists knowing about investor’s psychology, the risk taking ability, tax implications and investment horizons.

To make this complex process simple and appropriate for every investor, in 2013, we succeeded in developing our own Wealth management matrix called “Prodigy” which suggests the steps of financial management for investors. We work on advisory model and we call it membership model.

We charge a nominal fee per annum to avail our advisory services and call it Membership Fee. Read More About Membership Fee

Process Flow : Comprehensive Financial Planning

Once a client become our member, one of our wealth manager (WM) schedule a meeting with the member to understand the member’s psychology, his past investments, his risk taking ability, his goal identifications etc. We have uniquely designed format to gather vital information’s and inputs about our members and we call it “Working papers” and after filling up the Working Papers, the Wealth Manager feed those inputs to our central Advisory Team to analyse and recommend. The central Advisory team, on the basis of our Wealth management Matrix- Prodigy, develop and present a plan/model portfolio/recommendations. The designated WM again seeks for a meeting with member and detail him the plan made. Such plan, once approved by the member, is executed. Such designated WM is mapped with the member to take care of their financial concerns and to provide personalized services. In addition to these personalized services, the member is provided with a user id & password to watch, execute and amend his portfolio online through our web portal or mobile app-MF Prodigy ”. Portfolio review is a vital part of the portfolio management and therefore, we do half yearly portfolio review of every member in April and October every year. All our recommendations and suggestions are provided in writing with a proper reasoning


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Goal Based Planning:


We, at BFC Capital, believe that Goal Based planning is the elixir of any Financial Planning.

We also believe that a person has either Desires or Financial Goals in his lifetime.

Therefore, preparation of a plan to meet those financial goals is of vital importance

Steps in Goal Based Planning:

  • Identification of Goals.

  • Defining the tenure of Goal.

  • Finding out the current cost of Goals

  • Converting the current cost into Future cost by taking into consideration effect of Inflation.

  • Finding out the amount of investment monthly/lump sum.

  • Selecting investment products to achieve those Goals.

To see an illustrative goal sheet, please Click Here.

Seems a bit complex to you?

You can do it very easily with the help of our mobile app-MF Prodigy in less than a minute.

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Wealth Management

Wealth management usually deals with investment of a lump-sum amount.

As per our Wealth management matrix, before making any investment, you need to know about following:

  • 1. Anchoring: define your investment horizon
  • 2. Constellation: define your risk taking ability

These two questions are of utmost importance before suggesting you any investment product basket as the product basket will change if you change the answers to these questions.

You can have real time suggestions through our Mobile app – MF Prodigy.

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