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MF Prodigy

MF Prodigy is our mobile app based solution for retail investors who want access to unbiased and customised advice for their Mutual fund investments.

With the poor financial literacy ratio in India, the retail investors are unable to assess the associated risk in a particular product and therefore usually left with a bad taste of the market.

We found that in India, Retail investors do not have many options of investment and one product they can not and should not avoid is Mutual Funds.(Though the understanding of MF is poor and the way it has been sold in India is debatable)

In 2015, We developed a subset of Prodigy (our wealth management matrix), which deals with MF exclusively and we wrote an algorithm for the benefit of retail investors called “MF Prodigy”.

For this we propounded an altogether new theory of comparison and analysis of Mutual Funds called “Reverse Pyramid Theory”.

Then we have transformed this theory into practical application through mobile app.

In 2016, We launched our mobile app “ MF Prodigy” available on play store and IOS.

We believe that soon MF Prodigy will change the way retail investors invest their money.

For a retail investor, taking investment decision is a complex process because he/she is usually flooded with loads of information, 80% of which is not at all relevant for him/her.

MF Prodigy is a simple app that advises people on which Mutual Fund scheme they should invest in.

MF Prodigy works on a well written and tested Algorithm and is fully automated without any human bias towards any specific product. It advises people what is best suitable for them.

Through this app, investor can see their real time portfolio as well as execute the transaction also. For example, putting a redemption from any scheme will take only 60 seconds through this App.

One can get the advisory through this app in less than 2 minutes and can get the transaction executed simultaneously.

You can have real time suggestions through our Mobile app – MF Prodigy.

Download the app and contact us to get your user id and password.

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