Mr. Anand Murti Srivastava

“I am absolutely delighted with BFC Capital’s services. It is really refreshing to be associated with a company which is interested in their client’s needs, circumstances and preferences. They have met and surpassed my expectations of working with a financial advisor. What really impressed me was the way my Wealth Manager, Ms. Deepti Bansal, has taken care of my finances which gives me confidence that not just my financial goals have been well understood but also I have attained mental satisfaction. She regularly provides updates and has always been available to answer any questions or to explain options within my portfolio. Also, I have been particularly pleased with the advice on retirement planning where a fixed income route was recommended ensuring that, despite the market fluctuations, my fund value achieves growth and my retirement income is maintained. Transitioning into retirement will be much easier, thanks to Deepti’s guidance.

– Mr. AnandMurti Srivastava

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