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Quality Circle Program

Quality Circle Program

Considering the very low level of Financial Literacy in India, the management of the company realised in 2010 that the only way to increase retail participation in capital market investment, is to make people aware of the basic guidelines, do’s and don’ts, of investment so that they will not again and again become victim of mis-sellings prevalent in the market.

We developed a platform in 2010 where we conduct awareness programmes for retail investors regularly. We call it “ Quality Circle Program.”

We have been conducting Quality Circle Programmes since May 2010 and more than 200 programmes have been conducted by us benefitting more than 7000 families. (The Glimpse of all these programmes can be found on our Facebook page. Click Here) We have developed our unique way of telling retail investors what they should do and what they should not do with their finances and we call those wisdom shoots as “ Gospels”. we have designated team members to deliver these presentations and conduct these programmes and people who are qualified to give presentations are called “ Apostles”.

As of now, we have a unit of 7 apostles delivering an average of 8 Quality Circle Programmes in a month.

Register yourself for next Quality Circle Programme.(Don’t worry! Registration is completely free.) (We will notify you about upcoming event)