Second is retail investors whose primary motive is (actually should be) to achieve certain financial goals. They should be concerned more with attainment of goals than maximizing returns. The problem arises when retail investors try to clown HNI segment and try to maximize returns and thereby taking more risk than he/she can afford.


Oct 19

We believe, that no wealth management company understands retail investors the way as we do. As you are reading this, We request you to go through the whole website and we will try to provide you all the financial wisdom and solutions you require. It goes without saying, if you have any peculiar question in […]

Oct 20

Q.C. Program since May 2010

We have been conducting Q.C. Program since May 2010 and more than 200 program’s have been conducted by us benefiting more than 7000 families. We developed our unique way of telling retail investors what they should do and what they should not do with their finances and we call those wisdom shoots as “ Gospels”. […]

Oct 16

Our Awareness Campaign: Quality Circle Program

One thing which is also evident from our Surveys was that without educating retail investors one can not think about increasing their participation in capital market. There have been a lot of incidences where retail investors have fallen prey to mis-selling and frauds just because of their lack of awareness. We developed a platform in […]

Oct 15

In 2016

We launched our mobile app “ MF Prodigy” available on play store and IOS. We believe that soon MF Prodigy will change the way retail investors invest their money.

Jun 19

MF Prodigy

In 2015, We developed a subset of Prodigy which deals with MF exclusively and we wrote an algorithm for the benefit of retail investors called “MF Prodigy”. For this we propounded an altogether new theory of comparison and analysis of Mutual Funds called “Reverse Pyramid Theory”. The next task was to transform this theory into […]

Jun 19

in 2015

in 2015

Apr 19

Our Mobile App solution for retail Investors: MF Prodigy

We found that in India, Retail investors do not have many options of investment and one product they can not and should not avoid is Mutual Funds.(Though the understanding of MF is poor and the way it has been sold in India is debatable)

Jan 19

In 2013

we succeeded in developing our own Wealth management matrix called “Prodigy” which suggests the steps of financial management for retail investors.

May 19

Our Wealth Management Matrix-Prodigy

We also understood that there should be two different method of catering these two segments of investment market participants. For example, the complex theories of portfolio management, fundamental and technical analysis and other strategies for delivering maximum returns in case of HNI/Corporate investors will not at all work in case of Retail investors. Which made […]

Aug 19

Researches and Surveys

We are known for our in depth researches to understand the investment behavioral patterns of Retail investors and our unique methods of managing Corporate treasuries and Institutional investments. In 2010, we conducted a survey through IIM-Lucknow interns on investment behavior of retail investors and concluded that basically there are two types of investors in our […]